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Download 20/20

Please review the download caution before downloading and installing 20/20. 20/20's help file can also be downloaded as a Word document. See the bottom of this page for instructions.

Installation Files
If your download software is capable of restarting, choose the FTP link. If your download software isn't capable of restarting aborted downloads, then get Net Vampire.

HTTP Download 20/20 as a single file(2020s.zip-3.6Mb)
FTP Download 20/20 as a single file (2020s.zip-3.6Mb)

Also, please be patient. Whenever a new version is made available, well, there's going to be a lot of traffic. As soon as the new version is added to additional mirror sites, those links will be added here.

Installation Instructions

If you version 2.1 (or earlier) installed, uninstall it before installing version 2.2. This will be the last time you are required to uninstall previous versions before upgrading to a new version (honest). The main reason for requiring the uninstall is our company name change. The new version installation directory defaults to: bylight, instead of the old company name.

Download the application file into a temporary directory.

If you downloaded "2020s.zip", unzip it to a temporary directory. Run the file "setup.exe" to begin the installation of 20/20.

If you downloaded "setup.exe", run it to begin the installation.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

20/20 Help Information As A Word Document

The information in 20/20's help file can also be viewed as a Microsoft Word document by downloading the following file:

HTTP download 20/20 help as a Word document (569k)
FTP Restartable download 20/20 help as a Word document (569k)

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