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User Quotes

User Quotes

"Thanks very much. I just gave a demo to a few of my colleagues and they were very impressed with 2020s potential for documenting our procedures, integration in the training process, etc. I love it."

"Every once in a while a program comes along that just totally blows my mind. This is the case with 20/20 by byLight Technologies. 20/20 is a multi-purpose image viewer that is filled with cool extras such as a screen capture mode, an annotation application, a slide show creator and a thumbnail generator..."

"Wow! 20/20 is a really amazing program. Youve single-handedly brought freeware up to par with the professional community."

"You could say 20/20 is to Photoshop as my little Mazda is to my
friend's Mercedes: We both get to the same place at the same time....but I fit into a smaller parking space and have money left over for lunch.
Wanda Harlow-SharwareJunkies Review

**Winner of the Star Program**
"Much more that an image viewer and although you see a Banner advertisement when opening the proram--the sponsoring is tastefully done and not distracting... So much for so little, an absolute MUST HAVE!"
Kate Hadley-Boot It Software Reviews

"I've tried 20/20 and found it brilliant!"
Frederic Botton, Publisher of Posse-Press

"You've got hundreds of graphics on your hard drive, but what do you use to view and edit them? Even if you wear glasses, you can still have 20/20! To tell you the truth, I'm extremely impressed with how much this app can do. Apply filters and effects, convert graphic formats, and even get screen captures! If you're just learning (or want to learn) how to manipulate graphics, I'd strongly suggest 20/20. It's FREE!"
Chris Prillo-Lockergnome

"20/20 - this is a great graphics editor. Lots and lots of features, reminds me of PSP. I've never seen this many features so well done in a freeware graphics editor. If you want to work with graphics GET THIS PROGRAM."
Mr. Rat-The Rat's Nest

"20/20 - is an amazing freeware image viewer/annotator. Not so humble "annotations" include text, drawing objects, and even images. Annotations can be applied to a newly created empty canvas, making 20/20 a complete "Paint" program in disguise. It has lots of special image effects like Paint Shop Pro, with better screen capture and slide show features. A great toy for the kids. A useful tool for your web site."
Dave S.-The Snivlet Pages

"I love this program. I use it to illustrate documents for ISO9002 compliance and they have passed two ISO audits with compliments from the examiner on the look of the screen shots. Nice job!!"
Peter T.

"In the past,I e-mailed companies from whom I purchased expensive software and had to wait weeks for an answer. Your reply not only corrected the problem but was uncommonly quick. Thank you very much!"
Jan K.

"Just started using your product and am very impressed. The mode you have chosen to provide this as freeware and still pay the bills is innovative and non-intrusive. I have tried probably 25 different image tools and like yours the best... Keep up the good work!"

"20/20 is truely an outstanding product. If it was a shareware product, I would have gladly paid the registration fee!"
Mahadzor Bin Mohd Noor

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