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20/20 Screenshots

20/20 version 2.2 contains many new features and updates. This page is a preview of the major changes and additions. Click the thumbs for a larger (800x600) view.

p1t.jpg (9431 bytes) The Interface has been completely re-designed. 20/20 now contains a modified multiple document interface (MDI). 20/20 is now made up of an "Application Window" and "View Windows". The application window contains all of the controls for all of the image operations (opening, saving, resizing, color reduction, filters, muted backgrounds etc.).

Images are placed into "View Windows" that actually contain the opened images. View windows contain the optional "Split View".
p2t.jpg (5827 bytes) Create muted-backgrounds (like the background for this table), for web pages and stationery, using 20/20's new Muted Background dialog.
p3t.jpg (5464 bytes) The Resize dialog now contains biLinear and biCubic filters. Resized images appear much cleaner (no jaggies), especially when resizing from small to large.

Notice that you can still Split the view within a View Window.

p4t.jpg (10444 bytes) A new Sketch filter for turning any image into a sketch.
p20t.jpg (8846 bytes) A new Wind effect. You can control the strength, direction and edge affected.
p5t.jpg (11096 bytes) A new "Position View" control makes it easier to scroll large images.

p6t.jpg (7827 bytes) Selection tools (Old Crop Tools), now allow you to select the behavior of the selection (Crop, Copy, Cut, or Cut/Paste). For selections that are being pasted, you can control the opacity and amount of feathering.
p7t.jpg (7009 bytes) A new emboss filter. The image on the left is the regular emboss. The one on the right is embossed using a bumpmap of the original image.
p8t.jpg (7075 bytes) A new Zoom Magnify tool allows you to maginfy parts of the image by clicking and moving the mouse.
p9t.jpg (6801 bytes) Adding text to an image couldn't be easier with the new Text Tool (the old text tool is now called "Shaped Text"). Simply click and type. Options for controlling the properties (font, color, size etc.) can be found on the Font tab of the Tool Palette. Support for Rich Text is included.
p10t.jpg (7447 bytes) Want to send an image to someone? 20/20's new Send Image Dialog allows you to do just that from within 20/20 itself without having to start your email program. You can choose to send the image using MAPI or directly using your SMTP account.
p11t.jpg (8421 bytes) Do you upload images to Auction sites? It really can't be any easier using 20/20's new FTP Upload dialog. You can choose from multiple accounts that have been previously set up.
p21t.jpg (12267 bytes) A new Mirror Image dialog allows you to quickly create a mirror image of an original. You can control which sides (left, right, top, and bottom) to join.
p12t.jpg (7375 bytes) 20/20 now supports multi-page file formats such as .dcx, .tif, and .bif (byLight Image Format). Mult-page images can easily be created using the Image|Insert option (from a file, clipboard, and scanner). The new .bif file format also allows you to save annotations with an image without having to apply them. The open dialog also contains support form multi-page files, allowing you to page through the preview.
p13t.jpg (5929 bytes) Holding the Shift key while clicking on the color selection palette will give you a larger palette to choose from.
p14t.jpg (7085 bytes) Re-opening previously opened images has been made easier with new re-open menu which can be accessed from the Open Image speed button. The re-open menu also contains a list of Recently Used Directories (RUD's).
p15t.jpg (8403 bytes) When the View Window is maximized, covering the entire desktop, you still have access to all the available functions from the View Window pop-up menu. Right click and away you go. You also have the option to bring the Application Window to the front by hitting Shift-F11.
p16t.jpg (7726 bytes) With the new Annotation Property Editor, you can easily control the properties of each annotation before applying them to an image.
p17t.jpg (8096 bytes) With the new Batch Conversion dialog, converting multiple images to a single format is a snap.
p18t.jpg (8824 bytes) A new Super Nova effect. You can choose the nova color, size, number of spokes, and the position of the effect.
p19t.jpg (9161 bytes) The free version of 20/20 includes a modified version of our old proprietary advertising technology. No more monthly ad rotations. Ads appear at the bottom of the view window.

You can optionally choose to have the ads removed by registering for a small fee. As before, the single difference between the registered and non-registered versions, is whether or not the ads appear. All features are enabled in both versions!

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