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Download Warning

When you download any programs from the Internet, you MUST use extreme caution to prevent your computer from being infected with a virus.

Always, Always, Always scan software you download with a good virus protection program. Regardless of what software you download and where you download it from (including our site) you need to do the following:

  1. Scan the file you just downloaded. Both .zip and .exe file types. If it is a .zip file, scan it first. If it is clean, unzip the contents of the file into a temporary directory, and then scan the contents of that directory BEFORE you run the installation program.
  2. After you install the program, run your virus scan first against the directory you installed to. This will actually check the program executable you just installed. For added precaution, also run the scan against the entire drive you installed the program to. This will check new files that were installed into the windows system directory.

Before uploading any software to hotfreeware.com, I first scan it to make sure it is clean. However, you still need to follow the above steps even when you download from our site.

I have seen attempts to replace the 20/20 download files on our site with infected versions. So far, none of these attempts have been successful. Because of this I've created monitoring software that will delete the download files if it detects they have been tampered with. Even this is not 100% secure. Use the procedures outlined above.

If you are familiar with the hacking world, then you understand that very few systems are secure. Just check out the hacked sites you would expect to be secure at: http://www.antionline.com.

If you find a virus infected copy of any one of our download files, please send me an email, and I will post the offending site here.

If you are in need of a free anti-virus program, you could try InoculateIT. It is free for personal use. You can download it at http://antivirus.cai.com/.

As always, if you have any questions, let me know.


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