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Registering Manually

Some ISP's are not allowing the registration code to transmit the encrypted registration information. This happens because they block software other than their own from communicating through some of the standard ports such as FTP.

Because of this, I have created a registration program that will generate the encrypted regisration information and save it to a file. That file can then be emailed (using your ISP's email software) as an attachment. Here's what you need to do:

Download manreg.zip:

Link 1: HTTP download (regman.zip) 320k
Link 2: FTP Restartable download (regman.zip) 320k

Unzip regman.exe into a temporary directory and run it.

After you have filled in your name and credit card information, regman.exe will encrypt the information and save it to a file named "reginfo.txt" in the same directory you ran regman.exe from. Do not close regman.exe (it will delete reginfo.txt).

Start your email program and set the following fields:

To Address:
Subject: order

Attach the file "reginfo.txt" to the email, and then send it. After the email has been sent, close regman.exe. This will delete the file "reginfo.txt" from your hard disk.

You will receive a key to remove the ads within 1 business day.

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