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-Why The Download Files Were Temporarily Removed-

It was recently brought to my attention (see email below) that the Radiate/Aureate Ad Software was attributed to causing sporadic system problems (hang-ups, bsod's, etc.). I have also received similar emails from users that have installed 20/20 version 2.2. My phone call to Radiate regarding this matter was not returned. In addition, I myself began to experience blue screens of death while my browser was running.

During the testing of 20/20, I would run it from my development directory with the ads disabled for obvious reasons. The only time the Radiate software was installed on my machine was when I would test the installation program. It would then be removed when I would uninstall to test the uninstall logic. It wasn't until 4 days ago that I installed a copy of 20/20 and left it installed, running it out of a directory other than the one I develop from. This is when the problems began appearing for me.

I haven't done any in-depth testing to determine whether or not the Radiate software was actually the source of my browser crashing. I only started having problems after I installed 20/20 (and the ad software). After removing the ad software, I haven't had any problems. Again I repeat, I have NOT done any in-depth testing to determine whether or not the problem can attributed directly to the Radiate software. But, I don't want to take any chances with your systems.

I have removed the Radiate/Aureate Ad Software from 20/20. This has absolutely nothing to do with the question as to whether or not their software acts as spyware. It is still my contention that Radiates ad software is NOT spyware, and they are on the up and up regarding the privacy issue.

I have replaced their ad software with a modified version of our old proprietary ad software. This new ad software will NOT perform any communication over the Internet at ANY time. Unlike our old ad software, it will NOT require you to rotate the ads every 30 days. The only drawback (other than having to view ads) is that the same 3 or 4 ads will display all the time. Unless you choose to register to have the ads removed.

If you have a version of 20/20 that contains the Radiate ad software, you can download a program that removes the Radiate Ad Software by clicking on this link (approx. 20k). The program is also available on the Radiate web page. Removing the ad software will not cause 20/20 to stop running. There will just be a blank panel where the ad would normally display. Note; If you choose to remove Radiates ad software, other programs that use it, may stop working (ie Go!Zilla).

My sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

20/20 Author
byLight Technologies

Email received from Uzi Paz 04/05/2000:

Subject: Radiate is not spyware, but it is still badware.

I fully accept the fact that radiates software is not a spyware. Not because htey say so, but rather because a few hackers/security experts checked it.

(it was published on some magazines).

Yet, it was Radiates software which was responsible to all the Netscape crashes that I suffered for some months, I use Netscape quite alot, and since I installed Go!Zilla (although rarely used it), My Netscape started to crash.

Go!Zilla was not set to be the default ftp downloader, so I didnt suspect Go!zilla.

I looked for help in some usenet newsgroups, and found that some people have suffered from the same kernel32.dll loops that I suffered, and the solution was always to remove advert.dll (although there was a warning that it will cause some adsware programs not to function. I entered the topic a bit, and found out that it was Go!zilla who used it. I uninstalled Go!Zilla, but it didnt help. I found that advert.dll was still there. I removed it and all links to it from the registry, and since then I never had any further crashes.

I also since thenm, I gave the same resolution to other people that had the same problem, (they got advert.dll via other adsware software), and they also reported that the solution to remove Radiate/Aureates advert.dll solved the crashes problems.

Until I know that Radiates software no longer causes problems with Netscape/MSIE, I will recommend people to avoid if possible using software that uses it.

Notice, that Im not speaking about rumors, but rather on my own experience and experience of few of my friends.

I appreciate you for presenting the use of Radiates software in a fair place on your web site and for the honest way in which you presented also Gibsons pages.

I am using an older version of 20/20 which I like, mainly for changing formats of pictures.

Its very useful.

I wish to know if your proprietary adsware program is loaded also when 20/20 is not opened.

I replied to Uzi letting him know that our original proprietary ad software was only loaded when 20/20 was loaded. And the only time it communicated over the Internet was during the 30 day ad rotation process, which the user was fully aware of.

I dont have crashes, so I have no problems with it, but I wish to know it, as this is a very basic thing for me because Im my PCs maintainer.



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