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20/20 Update 7 Changes
2.2.7 (20010508)

Fixed Insert Image|Copy Current bug.

Added "Full Screen" view menu item (short cut Ctrl-F12). Ctrl-F12 in Full Screen mode will return to "Normal" view.

Fixed bug when overwriting existing .bmp files by way of selecting in the Save As.. dialog. This caused the images to be saved as .tif with .bmp extension.

Fixed bug that was causing an AV when adding annotations to an image that was opened through an association.

Fixed bug that was causing the "Image EMail Transfer", to hang.

Fixed bug that was causing an AV when opening monochrome .GIF images.

Added option to preferences "Auto Apply Annotations On Save". If this options is turned on, new annotations are automatically applied before saving an image. If it is turned off, a message will pop up asking whether or not you want to apply the annotations before saving.

Fixed bug that caused an AV when cancelling the insertion of a new image.

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