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20/20 Update 6 Changes
2.2.6 (20001205)

Fixed bug in slide show that was causing an I/O error when opening the newly formatted .ss2 files.

Added code that remembers that last directories accessed when opening and saving images. Added option to Preferences to remember last open/save directory.

Fixed bug "Invalid SIPort" when sending images via SMTP.

Fixed bug AV, when trying to ftp images.

Optimized SeamLess Tile algorithm.

Added the ability to pause a running slide show by hitting the Pause key. Pressing any other key while a slide show has been paused, will cause the slide show to resume.

Added the ability to open (run) a slide show from the open dialog. .ss2 files are also added to the reopen menu.

Added logic that causes 20/20 to terminate if slide show was initiated from the command line, after the slide show terminates.

Changed TIFF compression to default to lzw (color) on install.

Fixed bug when trying to capture a scrolled image in the latest version of Internet Explorer.

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