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20/20 Update 4 Changes
2.2.4 (20000911)

Fixed bug that caused "Unsupported Clipboard Format" to appear when selections had no size.

Added option in Preferences|Miscellaneous "Show Logo On Startup".

Added "Single Window Multi-Image" to Capture To options. This option appends the new capture into the current capture window.

Fixed bug that caused access violation when closing split view that contained annotations.

Added capability to Copy/Paste Annotations between images.

Added "Cut" option to Edit menu for Annotations. Cut will delete the selected annotation(s) to the clipboard.

Added "RGB" value display to the Color Palette.

Renamed Mirror option to "Flip Horizontal".

Added Mirror dialog that will actually create a mirror image. Menu Item Image|Mirror.

Fixed bug that was forcing the application window to the front when the left mouse buttons was being clicked during a rectangle capture

Fixed bug that was not initializing the twain driver when 20/20 first started up. Changed Scan Image menu item to include 2 sub-menu items:
Acquire Image... calls out to scan image in
Select Source... Allows the source device to be selected.

Fixed bug that sometimes caused Text Annotations to disappear when they were applied to the underlying image.

Fixed bug that was causing an AV when previewing images in the open dialog under 32 bit display resolution.

Added an option to Preferences|Miscellaneous that controls whether or not the selected image in the open dialog is previewed.

Added option to Preferences|Miscellaneous that controls how the Open dialog preview image is resized. Smoothest does a bilinear resize (slower), Fastest performs nearest color resize.

Changed Arrow Tool to remember Arrow specific properties between use.

Added Alignment to Tool Palette and Edit/Image|Annotations menu. Allows Annotations to be aligned.

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