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20/20 Update 1 Changes
2.2.1 (20000501)

Fixed .wmf and .ico read bugs.

Fixed bug in registration logic that was not converting the payment amount properly in Foreign locales. Also removed eCheck option and added American Express card.

Added code so the application window remembers its state and position when 20/20 is closes.

When closing a view window added logic to check for changes in the right view pane if visible.

Fixed bug that wouldn't let windows shutdown if 20/20 was open.

Added option to remember the "Sequence Number" between sessions when Auto saving images.

Fixed print bug that affected some HP Lasers.

Added "Print Annotations" option and "Position/Size" radio group to Print Position dialog.

Fixed bug that caused the tool palette to become obscured when the menu font was a size other than the windows default.

Added logic to associate slide shows .ss2 file types to 20/20.

Changed Slide Show file format to be .ini (text) format. Also added option to control the background color of the slide show.

Added option to restore the tool bar speed buttons if they were accidently closed. (View|Tool Bars).

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